Law on Sexual Harassment

Nearly everyone knows that workers in the Unites States have legal protection against sexual harassment at work. Sexual harassment falls under personal injury law practiced by a personal injury attorney who specializes in sexual harassment, also called a “sexual harassment attorney”. What most employees don’t know is exactly what the written law regarding sexual harassment says.

Physical sexual harassment includes unwanted touching, rubbing against someone, assault and physical interference with movement or work. Among other things a co-employee or supervisor cannot touch another, cannot rub his body another, block another’s path, restrict another’s movement, or sit on someone’s desk to prevent them from doing work. Sexual harassment claims can also be protected under employment law.

Assault means threatened contact with another person with the perpetrators body or an object in possession or control of the perpetrator.

You are not obliged to come up with any proof that you are affected by the harassment in any way if you need to submit a case claiming for sexual harassment. A working environment that is scary to you is sufficient to be referred to as an affirmation that sexual harassment is there at your workplace. If the harassment is done by your office mate, and your employer doesn’t start any actions to cease it although he was informed about it, he can be chargeable for the harassing conducts.

Some people refuse to stand up for their own rights against sexual harassment since they are afraid that their employer may victimize them if they bring up the claim. Luckily, the law acknowledges the significance of protecting the rights of sexual harassment victims. Law Offices of Anthony Choe will not only provide an oversight on the above subject but also right steps and legal advice.

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